Sunday, 21 April 2013

And the magic happens ... in my bathroom !!!

 This is my first development at home !! the last time I did it was at the photo college 5 years ago and doing this bring me back very cool memories :) the adrenaline, the smell of the chemistries and at the end the magic !! I am so happy !
for my first roll I used a basic color negative roll 100 iso that I loaded in my lomo fisheye and I took all the pictures in one afternoon ,  I did'nt think of the composition or didn't try to take a beautiful picture - I just wanted to have a roll to develop as a roll test .... but I quite like this because they reflect my day and are very spontaneous .

The first ones are at my neighboor's house who called in with her little girl to ask me if I wanted to help to make little cakes :) it was very nice , Coco the rooster said hello by the window like he does at my house and she has lovely stuff hanging at her window ... then I went for a walk with my dog and we saw lots of sheeps and baby sheeps on the way :) one of them was very curious of my camera and came to us very very close !!! at this stage I did'nt know that I will be abble to see the picture after but photography reserves a lot of surprises and this time a good one ...