Monday, 10 July 2017

Forgotten film of Last Summer

She grew up so much since , I remember jumping up on the trampoline , her saying UP A KY ! she was 2 , now she's 3 and she is never short of questions : why the plane doesnt fall if their wings are not moving ? .... but mum if I stop moving , I will fall - like a bird , fluttering - wanting to go - toujours plus haut .

Thursday, 25 May 2017

the dogs, the midges and me.

This could have been a very inspiring moment. I could have spent the rest of my evening untill the sunset taking photos and videos of the clouds moving upon the mountains, all the different colors that the sky has to offer But .. it didn't happen :(
It didn't happen because of those stupid, useless , so annoying tiny insects called MIDGES !!!
We can see them on the video, and we can hear me slapping my arms trying to kill them , there are so viscious ... anyway I only stayed there for 5 mn, did those quick images and went back home as fast as I could ! those bastards actually follow you , I met my neighbor or her way back from her evening walk and she was walking very fast too in the attempt to escape them !
Note for the next summery sunset video : cover myself with insect repellent.

Monday, 24 April 2017

This is our reality

Start from where you are , it's small at the scale of the world , tiny really but for us
it means a lot : Seeing our new hens running in the grass from the first time and making friend with Matilda. When I read the new book of Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic, she's writing about the importance of Creative Living to feed our creativity but also our well being as artist... well I think I am getting closer and closer to my idea of creative living .

Each morning , when I get up , the first thing I do is letting my hens out and give them food and fresh water, then I have my tea and porridge looking out by the window I see them running happily in the yard and scratching the ground , I hear clucking cluck cluck cluck .
' Mummy I'm awake ! I want to go outside ', my daughter is awake . I leave the rest of my porridge on the table for a moment and I help her getting dressed and put on her boots , off she goes checking for eggs in their coop . " one - two - three " MUMMY they've made three eggs Yummy yummy eggs , I see her running back to the house with the wobbly eggs in her hands ,
It's a miracle , she never broke one since she has started "to become a farmer "a few weeks ago ... anyway at that point I realized my tea and porridge have turned cold , I ask my little farmer to bring the porridge to the hens. She comes back in the kitchen , the back door stays open , drop the bowl loudly in the sink and proudly says ," all done".

Monday, 2 January 2017

New year resolution : be Kind to Animals , All of them.

2016 has been a great year for me , I took a step back from motherhood and started to work again ,
I find time for creativity and the big thing is I finally changed my diet to an animal free one
and this is important for me cause I am finally true to myself .
In 2017 , I'll keep animals away from my plate, I want to give my time to associations in aid of farmed animals, grow my own little garden in my back garden
have less , live more
spend time outside in nature
I wish to all of you who are reading my words to be truly and simply happy
and share it with your friends
whether they are humans or animals :)