Monday, 24 April 2017

This is our reality

Start from where you are , it's small at the scale of the world , tiny really but for us
it means a lot : Seeing our new hens running in the grass from the first time and making friend with Matilda. When I read the new book of Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic, she's writing about the importance of Creative Living to feed our creativity but also our well being as artist... well I think I am getting closer and closer to my idea of creative living .

Each morning , when I get up , the first thing I do is letting my hens out and give them food and fresh water, then I have my tea and porridge looking out by the window I see them running happily in the yard and scratching the ground , I hear clucking cluck cluck cluck .
' Mummy I'm awake ! I want to go outside ', my daughter is awake . I leave the rest of my porridge on the table for a moment and I help her getting dressed and put on her boots , off she goes checking for eggs in their coop . " one - two - three " MUMMY they've made three eggs Yummy yummy eggs , I see her running back to the house with the wobbly eggs in her hands ,
It's a miracle , she never broke one since she has started "to become a farmer "a few weeks ago ... anyway at that point I realized my tea and porridge have turned cold , I ask my little farmer to bring the porridge to the hens. She comes back in the kitchen , the back door stays open , drop the bowl loudly in the sink and proudly says ," all done".