Thursday, 25 May 2017

the dogs, the midges and me.

This could have been a very inspiring moment. I could have spent the rest of my evening untill the sunset taking photos and videos of the clouds moving upon the mountains, all the different colors that the sky has to offer But .. it didn't happen :(
It didn't happen because of those stupid, useless , so annoying tiny insects called MIDGES !!!
We can see them on the video, and we can hear me slapping my arms trying to kill them , there are so viscious ... anyway I only stayed there for 5 mn, did those quick images and went back home as fast as I could ! those bastards actually follow you , I met my neighbor or her way back from her evening walk and she was walking very fast too in the attempt to escape them !
Note for the next summery sunset video : cover myself with insect repellent.