Sunday, 4 September 2016

5 years ago.

This is where I was 5 years ago : On the road. I didn't know I was just about to find my Home.
At that stage , I was pretty lost. I found recently old notebook written mostly in french, there is translation of irish expression I did'nt understand at first , I remember , in the middle of a conversation, getting my notebook out and asking : Can you repeat that one again please ? That was something like alright fair enough ! or sound sound or what's the crack ? that one confused me at first I said sorry I don't take drugs ahahah it actually means something like what's fun here ?

I also founds bits of poetic automatic writtings in french :
- Allo Monsieur Terrien, ici l'Air , pouvez-vous m'indiquer le chemin de l'echappee belle ?

- Se soucier de demain, c'est comme marcher sur les main sur un fil suspendu au dessus de l'univers geant, c'est angoissant... Je veux apprendre a marcher dans le present, au bord de l'ocean.

< I want to learn how to walk in the present by the ocean >.
Later on that year I moved in a cottage right by the ocean with a fantastic seaview , it really helped to realize my wish of living in the present . I am still here , in the same house and life is good , no complication , simple life aiming for even more simple life , self-sustainable as much as possible : less shopping less plastic , chicken and vergetables in my garden , more life simply .

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